Math team selected to compete


Forty students were selected on January 21 from Math Club to compete on this year’s Math Team, an elite group of Math Club participants who will take part in the remaining math contests of the school year.

“In the Math Club, there are many people who don’t show up to meetings or don’t take the competition, so the Math Team kind of separates them with people who do,” math department chair Joanne Ryan said.

Forty students were chosen through the most recent math competition, taken on the week of January 11. The students who scored highest will enter the Math Team.

Math Team was created in order to have more dedicated students remaining, as there are several members in the Math Club who do not participate in most competitions.

The first competition for the Math Team will be on February 2.

Also, students on the Math Team will participate on the American Math Competitions 10 or 12 (AMC 10 or 12), a nationwide competition.

Freshmen and sophomores will take the AMC 10 while juniors and seniors will take the AMC 12.

Students interested in the AMC 10 or 12 will be able to take it alongside the Math Team.