Mock Trial team participates in Southern California Mock Trial Competition

AT THE COURTHOUSE: Before the trial proceedings begin, students introduce themselves to their opponents. Prosecution lawyers senior Maria Lark and junior Alyssa Furkawa (left) converse with the defense lawyers.

The school Mock Trial team participated in the southern California Mock Trial competition at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in downtown Los Angeles.  The team acted as the defense on November 2 and the prosecution on November 9.

The case concerned a police officer who was killed by being hit on the head with a baseball bat; the suspect was tried for whether the death was murder with malice of forethought or accidental death.

Returning with 16 students this year and led by club presidents senior Maria Lark and junior Ana Kilbourn, the team met after school and on several weekends in preparation for the competition. Rebecca McMackin, Middle School social science teacher and club advisor, helped lawyers practice their objections and examinations and helped witnesses prepare for testifying and cross-examination.

“Having taught AP government for several years at my last school and having prior knowledge and zest for students to learn about our legal system first hand, I am glad to have had a part in advising this year’s Mock Trial team and look forward to guiding the club to continued success in the coming years,” McMackin said.

Underclassmen have joined the club and expanded its size.  Lark, a fourth-year Mock Trial Club member, is pleased that the underclassmen are beginning to learn and is optimistic about the future prominence of the club.

“We have incredibly strong middle schoolers and underclassmen that are dedicated and hard-working.” Lark said.  “When we couple them with our upperclassmen who are equally as dedicated and fantastic, you have something really special. Every year, we get better by having more dedicated people and smarter arguments.  The club has grown and we are a real force on campus, and to see that transformation, that is incredible…and I am honored to have had a hand in how it will move in the future.”

The club is awaiting results from the competition.  Only 18 of the approximately 150 teams will move on to participate in the next round of the Mock Trial competition.