Admin needs to clarify Electronic Use Policy

The Voice commends the administration’s response to the cheating problem on campus: eliminating unnecessary use of technology in the classroom. This effort to reinforce the Commitment by bringing integrity back is laudable and successful, however flawed.

Unsupervised technology in any form should not be allowed in classrooms. The Electronic Use Policy itself is not the problem; however, communicating what the policy allows and bans is unclear. Having undergone changes twice in only two months, the policy is not perfect and needs to be explained more clearly.

Students are confused with their restrictions. There is inconsistent policy enforcement. While some teachers seem to be solely concerned with snatching phones from students, others are impartial.

Overall, the reality is a Buckley student depends on technology to succeed, whether communicating with teachers, checking grades, or assignments. Technology cannot be eliminated, so the question is: what is included in policy that allows students to learn and study successfully and balances the school’s goal of technological responsibility? The editorial board suggests the school clarify the final version of the Electronic policy, with both students’ and its own interests in mind. While determining what the final version is or will be, administration should consider potential problems of any policy sooner rather than later to help students deal with the change.