Orchestra plans April 11 service trip replacing Heritage

Instead of attending the annual Heritage Festival in Disneyland, students in Chamber Orchestra will be traveling to Norwood Street Elementary School in Los Angeles to teach students how to play instruments.

Norwood, a California Distinguished School, cut more than $640,000 from the budget and increased athletic and arts fees to reach the $1.1 million budget target in 2014. These cuts severely impacted the school’s music program and are the primary reason students decided to volunteer their time in assisting Norwood music students, according to junior Merry Wells.

“I think it’s going to be a great experience and I’m really happy that I’m able to spread the love of music through the community,” Wells said.

Sophomore Allegra Conway, a member of the orchestra, believes teaching underprivileged students music is more important than attending Heritage Festival, as students can visit Disneyland on their own time.

“We wanted to give kids an opportunity to play and learn music, not to be disadvantaged by forces beyond their control,” Conway said.

Some orchestra students expressed a reluctance to attend the trip and preferred to not be interviewed.