Before demolition, Robert E. Young Library vandalized

Not only did the beams of the Robert E. Young library fall during the demolition on March 21, but also student vandalism of the library was erased.

On March 18, the final day before departing for spring break,  some students knocked over wooden chairs and tables in the library, wrote derogatory phrases on the walls and defaced a painting.

Two days after the incident and after all the computers and remaining items were moved to the interim library (foyer) by the grounds crew,  Link Belt construction company bulldozed the library, finishing the demolition a day later.

In addition to the loss of the library and the senior courtyard, the Thies Administration Building is now closed for renovation.  It will be the site of the new Robert Young Library and some administrative offices.

A green fence in the parking lot and a tan tarp similar to those used for Phase I and II blocks the construction. Consequently, students are directed to use the area near the Commons Café for drop off and pick up.

Students must also avoid the common walking area between the hillside building and what once was the administration building.

To explain these changes in school logistics, Middle School principal Neal Roden and Upper School principal Deborah Monroe spoke to students at an assembly on April 6.

In the interim library, the first morning was loud and packed with students, according to assistant librarian Serena Vaquilar.

The temporary library is a smaller space and lacks books, but it does offer updated technology, including the more computer stations than were available in the old library.

“The foyer now has 30 desktop computers for you to use, which is 10 more desktops than we had in our previous library,” librarian Matthew Wittmer said.

The librarians ask that students speak quietly in the smaller library, with group discussions not exceeding four people, because sound bounces off the walls, amplifying the sound.

Construction of Phase III is scheduled for completion at the end of 2016.