8 student essentials for every library


The Voice surveyed students around campus during H period today and asked: “What essentials do you believe must be in the temporary library?”

The Top 8 responses are:

  1. High Speed Internet
  2. Printers
  3. Phone and Calculator Chargers
  4. Computers
  5. Big Tables
  6. Couches
  7. Copy Machines
  8. School Supplies

When students were also asked if they would spend their free time in the temporary library, the majority replied, “I don’t know,” “I would rather be outside,” and “I would go to Commons.”

Surveyed students explained that the library feels like a second-home and that student life is enhanced by the necessities the library provides. Whether it is the comfortable space to take AP exams, or the common ground where all Middle and Upper School students interact, they agree the Robert E. Young Library will be missed. But students are optimistic for the future of the library and the campus.