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Colette Kanbarian ‘19

Online Editor-in-Chief

managing editor

Out of thousands of publications across the nation, the 2015-2016 The Student Voice was awarded several awards last month from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA) and the National Scholastic Press Association (NSPA). The headliners of the winning publication were editors in chief Joyce Chamoun ’16 and Andrew Friedman ’16, and the Student Voice advisor, Dr. Ellen Salas.

By the CSPA they were awarded a gold medal for the second consecutive year, and by the NSPA they were given All- American 4/5 marks of distinction in Coverage and Content, Visuals, Presentation, and Student Work.  In the CSPA competition the paper scored a total of 911 out of 1000 points, across the categories of Essentials, Visual, and Verbal. In the NSPA competition, they scored a total of 423 of 500 points.

The NSPA judge says “Overall, this is quite an impressive publication for a staff pf 22 students. So many good things abound: excellent coverage, especially of school-related news, editorials, and sports.”

Salas says,  “The newspaper staff works with these goals in mind every year”